Globe and Mail. Feb 28, 2019 Liberals’ wins, losses?

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Re PM Promised Change with Fresh Cabinet Faces. He May Regret It Now (Feb. 27): Yes, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recruited and appointed to cabinet a number of diverse candidates, with solid professional credentials but no political experience.

Yes, in Jody Wilson-Raybould’s case, this experiment in doing politics differently has backfired spectacularly.

However, to suggest Ms. Wilson-Raybould is on the side of the angels, a noble victim of the system, in my view is simply wrong.

Her “unwillingness to go along to get along” on many issues the government has addressed, not just SNC-Lavalin, could more accurately be described as an inability to compromise, achieve consensus, or be a team player.

And yes, politics is about teams, not prima donnas. Every cabinet minister wins some and loses some, but what other minister in living memory has been so intent on personal vindication that they risk destroying their party?

Brooke Jeffrey, Ottawa